Message From the State President


 It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the New Jersey Association of Health Underwriters. 

There is a tremendous amount of pride in serving as the President of this impactful statewide organization. It is because a NJAHU member is a professional who is committed to the industry, committed to continually learning more, committed to making New Jersey a better place to live and do business and, most importantly, committed to his or her clients.

Any business or individual in New Jersey who needs health insurance should always ask: Is my broker a NJAHU broker? It is a very important distinction. A NJAHU broker has taken tremendous steps to advocate for his or her clients in the halls of Trenton and on the Capitol steps in Washington D.C. A NJAHU broker takes the time to continually meet with leaders who are shaping policies that affect their clients. A NJAHU broker is always seeking the latest products and services that can make health insurance more affordable and accessible for their clients. A NJAHU broker is a constant resource and a trusted friend.

So, I must ask, why would anyone do business with a broker who was not a NJAHU broker?

I urge you to learn more about NJAHU and what this organization accomplishes every day for our collective clients. Take a few moments to review this website. You will see an active and proactive organization that is continually advocating for the industry and the individual clients. 

Access to quality health insurance, we believe, is a right, not a privilege, in this great country.  Every single NJAHU member is committed to achieving that goal for every individual and business owner in New Jersey. 

If you need to find a NJAHU broker in your area, please call our Association office at 908-349-0789.  We're eager to help, and you'll find our knowledge invaluable.

Carolyn Andress
President of the NJAHU


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