Consumer Promise

  • To earn the trust and confidence of consumers, coordinating the selling and service of health insurance and related products in a professional and honorable way and always performing in a manner that inspires trust and confidence.
  • To help clients formulate a health insurance plan that meets their needs in a cost effective manner, providing a clear explanation of benefits, while continually searching the marketplace for alternate solutions.
  • To present insurance policies accurately, providing all information necessary for the issuance of sound insurance coverage; and to provide assistance and comfort to clients and their family members by sharing comprehensive plan summaries and continuously explaining the intricacies of coverage.
  • To know and abide by the laws of New Jersey and consistently seek to increase knowledge in order to best serve clients and educate the public on all relevant state and national legislation, and freely provide information and guidance that could affect the quality and/or quantity of health insurance options.
  • To be fair and just to competitors and to engage in practices that reflect favorably on the industry and clients; to treat prospects, clients and companies fairly by sharing all available information pertinent to affordable and comprehensive health insurance.
  • To serve as a trusted and knowledgeable intermediary between clients and health insurance carriers with regards to renewal, billing and claims, and remain educated and informed about updates and changes in the delivery of health insurance.